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Power Busbar

Power Busbar System is a modular energy transmission and distribution system created by insulating current carrier Aluminium or Copper busbar conductors placed in a closed body. The busbar system is used to transmit energy to a point along the route within the facility, starting from a point such as a transformer, generator or panel, or to distribute energy to the loads in the facility by receiving energy from the current receiving points on it with tap off boxes.

E-Line MV Busbar, manufactured with state of the art technology starting at 12 kV and 24 kV. Ensures safe and effective power transmission.

E-Line KX Series Compact Busbar Systems are used in horizontal and vertical energy distribution and transmission in Bolt-on  and Plug-in  types

Our new DATA RACK BUSBAR addresses configurability concerns for reliable and flexible Moves- Adds-Changes in your data centre white space power infrastructures.

Aluminium Housing Cast Resin Busbar —(850A…6300A).
Aluminium housing covers the “DUROCOMP” composite material that is manufactured from specially selected pure silicium minerals 

Power Busbar (40A-63A).
“E-Line KAP Busbar Systems” can be used to feed lighting and small power installations in commercial and industrial buildings

Indoor Busbar Trunking Systems (32A – 250V).
E-LINE FLD Indoor Busbar Trunking Systems provides for offices aesthetic, safe, practical and flexible solutions

E-Line KY-S Busbar Systems has been designed for buildings and industrial facilities which have lighting and outlet circuits with small electrical machinery and equipments that needs three phase and/or single phase energy needs with 40A and 63 A.

Lighting Busbar

Low Power – Busbar trunking for lighting systems. Lighting Busbar Systems offer solutions for DALI and DIM applications, furthermore providing electrical current for lighting circuits between 25A and 32A.

Lighting Distribution Busbar (25A – 32A).
E-Line DL/SL group Busbar Trunking Systems are used in lighting circuits that require 25 A and 32A single phase or three phase electrical current in buildings and industrial facilities

Lighting Busbar (25A up to 32A)
E-Line KAM Series Lighting Busbar Systems has been designed to supply lighting fixtures with electrical current. It can be used to supply power to industrial, decorative or alternate lighting fixtures.

Lighting Busbar Trunking (25A)
E-Line KY-S Lighting Busbar Trunking Systems has been designed for buildings and industrial facilitieswhich have lighting and outlet circuits with diminutive electrical machinery and equipment that needs three phase and/or single phase energy requirements with 25A.