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Cable trays are capable of supporting all types of wiring such as High Voltage Power Lines, Power Distribution Cables, Sensitive Control Wiring, Telecommunication Wiring, and Optical Cables. A cable tray wiring system provides safe and dependable ways to save now and later. Most cable tray systems are fabricated from Aluminum, MS sheet, Stainless steel, Pre-Galvanized Steel or Hot Dip Galvanized Steel.

We utilize high-grade material for the manufacturing process of perforated type cable and this makes them fundamentally enduring in nature. Likewise, their smooth design and adaptability make them flexible for use and empower you to use the accessible space ideally. 

– Ladder Cable Tray
– Perforated cable Tray
– Raceways


Cable ladder is widely used in the wiring system to let the wiring smooth and tidy. It is used to support large numbers of large cables between two points. It is suitable for large diameters wires especially for high and low voltage power cables. Compared with cable tray, which is isolated, the cable ladder has good air circulation and heat dissipation. It is stabler and high load capacity than the wire mesh cable tray.

Cable Tray CoatingGalvanized Coating, Pre-Galvanized, Hot-Dip Galvanized
MaterialMS & GI
Size100 – 900 mm