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LT Switchgear

LT switchgear provides control and protection of LV power equipment and circuits for industrial, commercial, and utility installations. It offers wide range of technologically advanced LT Switchgear products that provide flexible options

  • High Voltage (11KV) Controlling or Switching
  • Protection (Over Load , Short Circuit, Earth Fault or any Electrical Fault
  • Status reading (current ,voltage ,frequency)
  • Short Circuit: 10 kA , 25 kA, 35 kA, 50 kA, 70 kA, 100 kA
  • Rating of Busbar: 63 A to 6300 A, Copper
  • Fully bolted structure (fixed / drawout)
  • Non-hygroscopic, SMC and fiber Bus bar supports for fault withstand
  • Form 1 / 2 / 3a / 3b / 4a / 4b construction
  • Internal degree of protection IP20, IP40, IP54
  • Interleaved Bus bar system above 2500 A
  • HST PVC sleeves and joint shrouds for Bus bars
  • Spacious cable alleys for easy access and maintenance

HT Switchgear

From cutting-edge design that allow for easy access, maintenance and space-savings, to ecological accountability, Apex EE Ltd.’s HT switchgear solutions meet the needs of essentially each purpose. The products are designed to ensure highest performance serving as a foundation for secure & highly reliable electrical networks.

  • Controlling Or Switching
  • Protection (Over Load, Short Circuit , or Any Electrical Fault)
  • Status reading (Current ,Voltage ,Frequency)
  • Power Distribution
  • Short Circuit: 10 kA , 25 kA, 35 kA, 50 kA, 70 kA, 100 kA
  • Rating of Busbar: 63 A to 6300 A, Copper
  • Readymade & Customized Solutions for load management.
  • Modular construction & compact size provides economy of space, time & cost.
  • In single door & double door version.
  • Designed for floor mounting /wall mounting..
  • Number of ways option permits future system expansion.
  • Use of quality raw materials & sourcing from reputed manufacturers.
  • Elegant & sleek in appearance.