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Solar Inverter & Panel

If you are seeking for photovoltaic inverter for solar powered water pumping system, then you are already arrived to the right store. Our VFD700-PV solar pump inverter is definitely the appropriate choice for you.

Variable Frequency Drive(VFD)

INVT drives cover low voltage, medium voltage inverter range class, and provides various general and dedicated ac drive, the working state can be remotely controlled by the master computer software. And variable frequency drive also supports expansion card with a variety of functions and is widely used in industrial automation field.

Scada System And Control Panel

SCADA is the primary method for gathering real-time data. SCADA is an acronym that stands for “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.” PRM SCADA systems allow for remote monitoring and control of equipment from a central remote site. Typical equipment monitored are air compressors, flares, blowers, pumps, levels, lift stations, and overall gas system performance