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Lightning Protection System(LPS)

Lighting protection systems are sophisticated devices that catch the surge of electricity from lightning and transfer it to the ground. The earth is an infinite source of electric charge and it can neutralize any amount of voltage. A lightning protection system can lessen the threat of injuries and death caused by electrocution.

Lightning is a natural phenomena nowadays in Bangladesh Lightning and its damages is increasing day by day. To protection the structure against lightning strike we need to install Lightning Protection System (LPS). 

We only properly survey, design, & install by a skilled engineer and come up with the complete Lightning Protection solution in Bangladesh.

  • Type : Conventional System or Meshed Conductor, Early Streamer Emission System, Single Rod System.
  • Standard : BNBC 2020, NFPA 780, IEC 62-305, IEC 6651, NFC 17-102,
  • Size: Various Size is available. Common Sizes are
  • LPS Class : Class I, Class II
  • LPS Protection Level : Level I, Level II, Level III & Level IV
  • Materials: Copper, Copper Aloy, Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel & ESE Devices.

What We Do

Drawing & Design

We offer professional design & drawing for the thunder protection system. We have an in-house expert designer.

Supply & Installation

We have a professional thunder protection system team for supply and installation

Consultancy Service

We have many experts for consultancy. Most of the time we provide this for our customers


We take care of these issues with the maintenance team. After installation, we also provide the maintenance instructions.

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