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Auto/Manual PFI Plant

High voltage automatic power factor correction/reactive power compensation systems are used everywhere that motors are still directly operated without power electronics, or other consumers with a low inductive cosĪ† place strain on the grid with reactive power in addition to their active-power requirements. Local supply of this reactive power by means of compensation systems relieves the burden on the supply grid and reduces losses.

  • Intelligent ventilation and Tailor-made design.
  • IEC 60831-1 & -2 complied
  • High life expectancy.
  • Harmonic management by filter or reactor.
  • Wide range of the advanced controller.
  • Up to 2400kVAR
  • Maintains high Power Factor constantly
  • Protection from excess power in the system.
  • Prevents leading Power
  • Factor in low load conditions
  • Clearly marked buttons and indicators
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Electrical insulation
  • Protects electrical equipment’s

PFI Plant component origin:

  • Capacitor : IPCOS (Germany)
  • F. C. Relay : Micro (Malaysia)
  • Magnetic Contactor : Donga (Korea)